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About Chief Functionary

About chief functionary Today Science knowingly or unknowingly progressing its step in every area of life. To put- end to the ignorance, Science is now is taught in a form of subject; but teaching skill or aptitudes how to teach the Science is not clears.

There is a large gap between science and its practical knowledge with traditional Teaching skills. To develop the Scientific aptitudes in students is a major obstacle. Syllabus should be related to our environment and its problems. Syllabus emphasis on the theoretical prospective, where as it should be organized to develop skills on the practical skills. In making the curriculums there is a basic need to change the texts books, its teaching methods with studelnt's evaluation in all the levels and teachers should be trained accordingly. In order to develop interest and curiosity in student, we should be provided with action or activities based learning. it is need to develop the bridge between theory and practical's knowledge. Learning while doing should be based on local necessities and available local material should used according. There is a need to continue evaluation of the science teacher.

Teacher of English medium school emphasizes on the oral learning, so students learn by heart without understanding it. English is known as status symbol and way of communication where as there is need of multiple language student in order to connect the outer world. Parents are interested to provide technical education to their children but the lack the basic Scientific knowledge. It is known that there is lack of Scientist in our country. This is due to lack of basic Scientific education. There is a need of action research in sociological aspects in order to solve sociological problems. Thus we hearty appeal to you to join with us so that we can provide Science to the common man.


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