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Main Office
4/50 Near Jain Mandir Road ward no.-04 Begumganj, Raisen (M. P.), India
Pin code: 464881,
Mobile: 09425493053, 08109140881
E-mail: dsoni381@gmail.com, vlsss06@gmail.com, info@vlsss.org
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Name of the Organization: "Vigyan Lokpriyakaran Evam samajik sodh Sanstha Samiti Raisen (VLSSS)"


Main Office
4/50 Near Jain Mandir Road ward no.-04 Begumganj.
Pin code: 464881, District: Raisen, State: Madhya Pradesh, Country: India.
Mobile: 09425493053, 08109140881
E-mail: dsoni381@gmail.com, vlsss06@gmail.com, info@vlsss.org
Bhopal Office
VLSSS House No 556, Gadia pura , Anand Nagar Bhopal, State Madhya Pradesh, Country India.
Mobile: 09425493053, 08109140881
E-mail: dsoni381@gmail.com, vlsss06@gmail.com, info@vlsss.org
Contact Person:
Mr. Ramsh Pd Soni (Chairman )
Mob.- 09827782375
Legal Status: Registered under MP Societies Registration Act, 1973
Establishment Year: 1996
Registration No. : 01/03/03/16265/06
Date of Registration: 19 April 2006
1. Central Bank of India, Branch, Begamganj Raisen. (A/c no. -3323)
2. State Bank of India, Begamganj Raisen M. (A/c no.-2667)
Account Operation: Chair person and Treasurer jointly operated
Area/Sector of Activities: Awareness for science ,Social research activities, Survey , Report and astronomy and Social issue
Characteristics of the organization.
  • We have all the Basic infrastructure to achieve the goals and objectives of the project such as Hi-tech office, (computer with all the Peripherals, Broad band internet connection , Fax, Telephone, Audio- visual component etc.)

  • We have highly qualified, experienced and professional Personnel, like Retired Professor and Heads etc., Personnel , P.G in Labour and Social Welfare , Law graduates etc. who dedicate themselves towards the objectives of the organization and project.

  • We have our separate Recruitment policy, recruitment of staffs done by a interview board, which consisted the scholars of the related project theme.

  • We insured the staff against any Calamity or disaster, to support their family in the hard time.

  • Governing board of our organization has representation of all the community.

  • President of our organization comes from Other Backward Class community and out of 7 members 4 are women. The meeting of our governing body held once in a month and review all the progress related to the entire project.

  • Our organization believes in transparency at every level of work , we have financial display board ,on which we write down in bold letters that organization have received such and such amount in the following head .

  • We maintained all the accounts book on the computer and its absolutely up-to-date.

  • We have the strong network with the local administration and other N.G.O and government or semi-government organization such as Madhya Pradesh Council Science and Technology ( MPCST) and National Council of Science and Technology communication , Department of Science and technology Department Govt. of India , Indian Social Institute New Delhi etc.

  • We have also a advisory Board, which is entitled to give support in the planning level. Advisory board consists retired bureaucrats, judiciary members, academician, research Scholars and social workers.

  • Our organization started it works from grass-root level and then gradually going up to address other groups who will be the beneficiary in the project or stakeholders.

  • We recruit, Project staffs who are coming from same socio-economic conditions, in which our target groups belongs ,and our project staffs are very well aware of local conditions and area.

  • We manage separate Bank accounts for each and every project.

  • Our 95% transactions from the bank or individuals through the A/c Payee cheque Negative side of our organization - Lack of corpus Fund. Financial status of last three years (Income and Expenditure).

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