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Orbital Plane Of Ear Tha Round The Sun

Picture and most of the models of solar system projected an idea that solar system is in horizontal plane, even though there is no importance to the plane in which solar system lies either horizontal or vertical or other wise. But in practical a sky observer near the equator should have an idea that for him solar system is in vertical plan and it makes easy to under stand motion of planet and zodiac, belt, pole star and axis of rotation. This model demonstrates rotation and revolution of earth around sun in a vertical plane. Here a globe representing earth is made to rotate and revolve around a glowing bulb representing sun in a vertical plane, but not as in other models which are in horizontal plane. Here a doll of man placed vertically at equator of the globe experience apparent motion of sun from east horizon to zenith and then to west, during half of its rotation on its axis. The first rotation is the duration of day for the doll, and the next half rotation is night for the doll. This gives the concept of day and night for a student effectively. Through this model one can under stand so many basic concepts regarding with celestial sphere.


  1. Apparent motion of sun with in 24 hours
  2. Apparent motion of Sun in Zodiac belt in 12 months
  3. Apparent size of sun as seen from earth during morning, evening & midday
  4. Difference between day and night sky
  5. Apparent motion of sun, for an observer at polar regions.
  6. Apparent motion of stars in the night sky for an observer at polar region.
  7. Concept of spherical shape of earth
  8. Concept of directions east, west, north and south on earth
  9. Concepts of up and bottom on earth
  10. Change in the colour of sky and sun at different time of a day etc.,

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