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Position Of Inner And Outer Planet Sasseen From The Earth

The planet mercury orbits the sun in an inner circle there fore the angular separation, between the sun and mercury as seen from the earth is very small the maximum value it can have is about 28 degrees implying that it is either seen just before sun rise or just after sunset. Similarly Venus is the Second planet from the sun. owing to its inner orbit the angular separation from the horizon can be a maximum of 47 degrees. Hence this can be see only either before and after sun set of 3 hours but not on zenith or through out night, where as outer planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen through out the night at any part of the sky in the zodiac belt. This model demonstrates the location of position of the planets Venus and Mars at different time in their revolutions as seen from the earth. Here three spheres representing Venus earth and Mars are made to revolve around the common centre with the same ratio of original period of revolution. This makes a student to predict and to locate the real position and apparent position of a plant as seen from earth in the back ground of constellations and also understand the concept of angle of elevation of a planet in the sky from the horizon.

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