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Retrograde Rotation

All the planets of solar system have two kinds of motion, they are rotation and revolution. The direction of revolution of all the planets is identical. ie., all planets revolve in anti clockwise direction around the sun. Except Venus Uranus and Pluto all the planets of the solar system have direction of rotation (spin) and direction of revolution identical. Venus, Uranus and Pluto have opposite direction with respect to spin and revolution. This kind of (spinning) rotation opposite to the direction of revolution is called retrograde rotation.

As the earth rotates, the position of every celestial body changes in the sky-just~ as the position of sun changes during the day time. Since earth rotates an its axis from west to east, sun appears to rises in the east moves along the sky from east to west and sets in the west. But Venus rotates on its axis opposite to the direction of rotation of earth ie. Venus rotates from east to west, hence an observer on Venus would see the sun rise in the West and Sunset in the east This is same for Uranus and Pluto also.

This model demonstrates retrograde rotation of Venus. Two spheres representing earth and Venus are made to revolve around a glowing bulb (representing sun) -as common centre, in anti clockwise direction. Simultaneously earth is made to (spin) rotate in Anti clockwise direction, where as Venus rotates (spin) in clockwise direction, which is different from the direction of its revolution. Using this model it is possible to establish the opposite nature of apparent solar motion. ie., This model answers for the question, why sun appears to rise in the west and sets in the east on Venus?


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