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Same Face Of The Moon

Besides the spin of moon along the axis and its revolution around the earth, it is surprise that the same face (part, or hemisphere) of the Moon is always Visible. This is interpreted to be due to the synchronization of the period of revolution and spin (rotation) -
Moon takes 27.32 days to complete a revolution around the earth. During this period, moon will makes only one rotation on its axis There fore Period of rotation aiid revolution of moon are same (where as the period of rotation of earth is 24 hours and revolution is 365 days) Because of this one can see the same part of the moon from any part of the earth and at any time.

In this model, a sphere painted half black and half with white represents moon, is made to rotate and revolve around a rotating globe representing earth, in such a way that through out its revolutions only white painted portion is always facing towards globe and black painted half portion never comes is front of globe (Here it is not to assumed that white painted portion is illuminated by sun and black painted portion is not illuminated) This is possible because sphere representing moon makes only one rotation during one revolution. The wheel below the sphere with an arrow mark can. verify the same. A person in space craft which revolve around the moon can only see the other part of the moon which is not visible for us from earth. Or the portion of moon which is not visible for us can see in photo graphs which were taken by the space crofts while they revolve around the moon.


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