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Solar And Lunar Eclipses

Eclipses are natural events occur in the sky as a result of change in the position of earth and moon with Sun, while they are revolve around sun. When moon comes in between earth and sun, solar eclipse occurs. When earth comes in between sun and moon lunar eclipse occurs. Usually lunar eclipses occur on full moon days where as solar eclipses occur on new moon days, but not in all full moon days or new moon days even though earth and moon were come at the centre.

Solar and lunar eclipses are nothing but the play of shadow and light between sun moon and earth. Shadow of moon on earth causes solar eclipse and shadow of earth on moon causes lunar eclipse. This model demonstrates both solar and lunar eclipses very clearly and effectively and also reasons for eclipses not occurring every full moon and new moon days. Here a globe representing earth made to revolve around a glowing bulb simultaneously a small sphere painted white is made to revolve around earth with an orbital plane tilted 5° with orbital plane of earth. Earth and moon revolve in such a way that moon makes 12 and odd revolution around earth, while earth makes one revolution around the bulb and creates 12 new moon days and 12 full moon days in a revolution of earth The speciality of this model is that orbital plane of moon continuously changes through out the revolution of earth with orbital plane of earth and sun in such a way that in each full moon and new moon days the position of moon will changes and moon does not lies in the plane of orbit of earth at every full moon and new moon days .

At only few new moon days say about 2 or 3 sequences moon lies in the orbital plane of earth and cast shadow on earth causing solar eclipses at different parts of earth. Similarly moon passes through the shadow of earth about maximum 4 to 5 full moon days causing lunar eclipses, even partial eclipses also for effective presentation. The mr. falling of shadow's of earth on moon and moon on earth are made to be projected on screen placed at convenient distance from the model we can also observe the shadow going up or down as moon changes its plane. The demonstration of this model is more effective in partially darkened rooms.


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