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Tilting Axis Of Uranus

Planets of solar system are rotate and revolve around the sun. The axis of rotation of planets are tilted. From perpendicular of their plane of orbits, this tilting of axis is varied from 0° to 82° Axis of rotation of our earth is tilted by 23 1A ° axis of rotation of Uranus is 00 about 82° because of this Uranus roles on its axis around the sun instead of rotation as other planets.

This model demonstrates the rolling of Uranus around the Sun. Here a sphere is made to roles and revolves around a glowing bulb in such a way that was of rotation is almost parallel to its orbital plane. This made the Uranus to roles instead of rotation and also sphere is made to revolve in such a way that its one of the pole receives sun light is half of its revolution, and other in the next half of its revolution alternately this explains the fascinating fact that duration of day and night at poles of Uranus is about 42 earth years. This model clearly and effectively demonstrates this.


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