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Main Office
4/50 Near Jain Mandir Road ward no.-04 Begumganj, Raisen (M. P.), India
Pin code: 464881,
Mobile: 09425493053, 08109140881
E-mail: dsoni381@gmail.com, vlsss06@gmail.com, info@vlsss.org
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Our Vision
Vision of VLSSS is directed towards the continue development in making people aware and concentrating more on Social and economic need of society . VLSSS is associated for common man, children, farmers or women
VLSSS has three major inherent objectives and goals" i.e.
  1. To make people aware of scientific and technological developments to enhance the level of Science &Technology literacy
  2. To enable them to make rational free, decision making and strengthen their decision making ability;
  3. To develop scientific and technological temper in them which reflect their systematic and rational role, behavior and conduct in society.
  4. To understand problem of society and suggest means over come them.
  5. Universalisation of School Math and Science
  6. Science for All with Quality and Equality
  7. Knowledge should be free and accessible to all
  8. Self supporting – Self sustaining – Self reliant
Our Mission

The Primary objective of VLSSS is to increase public under standing of Science. To work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the mainstream of society.

Although popularization of is gathering momentum. It is still in the early stage of development. The main obstacles are :

  1. knowledge of what has been done in past in field of Science is inadequate
  2. there is no university course in Science for popularization
  3. highly Qualified students in Science and technology are encouraged to take career in popularization
  4. To provide the world’s best science and mathematics education to all those who otherwise could not afford or access it.
  5. To acquire innovate and adopt best practice for quality education.
  6. Promote activity based with emphasis on doing and discovering the methods of teaching and learning
  7. Provide viable employment opportunities for needy women and youth.
  8. Build self-reliant, social enterprises.
  9. Reach to every school in the country.
  10. Disseminate No cost and Low Cost knowledge and learning materials across the country.
  11. Build scientific temperament in common public and strengthen the people’s science movement.
  12. disscreamination free from the colour , caste, religion gender.


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